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All these smart contracts below are active today on testnet’s blockchain for their buyers openly. They show you how transaction happens between home broker, seller, and buyer in practical way. This is a risk free way to get yourself trained fast how smart contracts work for home’s broker, seller, and buyer today.

Just all you need to have:

  • MetaMask ( installed & unlocked on your Chrome / Firefox browser(s), which means that you:
    1. Do create wallet + account(s) following the wallet’s very easy setup steps
    2. Turn on all MetaMask’s preinstalled testnets on wallet (”show/hide test networks” link on networks menu)
    3. Import selected stablecoins (USDC / USDT) visible on contracts testnets (Ropsten/Goerli) of wallet (Assets / ”Import tokens” link) – optional step here but makes you happy when following own balances also from MetaMask’s assets view: read from here how to add these stablecoin’s tokens fast & check out our used test tokens
  • Little toy ETHs on used contract’s testnet for all transaction’s fee & gas
  • Enough stablecoins (USDC / USDT) to buy & pay the deal by its named price on table below

You can here freely act as being a broker/seller of home (eq buying open BID) or its buyer (buying open ASK contract) when you select one contract to own. When buying BID you will earn +50% bonus in its stablecoin’s units at the end of each deal !

Also, these demo contracts do NOT bind you legally to any requested real life actions: they are using here only ”toy cryptos” on testnets just training your skills with own crypto wallet’s use.

When you buy any of these LIVE contracts we continue the signing process with you soon & you will see how the stablecoins are reshared back between you and the owner of contract finally. So, this is only for having your ”hands-on” experience how smart contracts can help in real estate’s transactions & services !

Have Fun & Learn MORE with our Home Browser’s GREAT & ACTIVE Smart Contracts !

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{{ index + 1 }}. {{ contract.home.address }}
{{ contract.home.town_area }}
{{ contract.dealName.toUpperCase() }} {{ contract.role }} {{ contract.premium }} {{ contract.tokenSymbol }}

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{{ contract.endTime2 }} {{ contract.testnet }}
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Supported Smart Contracts Addresses

We have selected to use the following token’s contracts on testnets that you should too use when ”Import tokens” with each account of MetaMask:

Note that these choices may change / improve later somehow: converting ETH’s to these tokens was most easily available by Uniswap’s pairs.

Your MetaMask’s wallet is locked / uninstalled – open the wallet if you wish to go & see full details of deals, please.

Your current MetaMask’s network is not right for any active deals now !

Please, be sure to check that your MetaMask wallet’s network is set to right testnet (Ropsten / Goerli). This makes sure that contract’s data is available fast + verified from blockchain 100% right. Next, you will see that each opening contract will ask you to switch network correctly before you can see all its details or you can switch already here your MetaMask to the right network.

Supported blockchains today

  • Real cryptos & tokens: Ethereum mainnet & Polygon’s L2 network
  • Testnets: Ropsten & Goerli test networks